Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (37/2019)

Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (37/2019)

It has been a busy week of publishing hands-on VCL tutorial videos. In addition, I presented a webinar on Tuesday.

Here are all the videos that are available for free on YouTube, in case you missed them. The webinar will be published on YouTube in the next days as well.

What you learn in the videos:

  • How can you offer user-interaction for a user to pick a location on a map?
  • Word wrapping with TAdvMemo
  • Keep charts and grids synchronized using TAdvChartLink

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4 comments on “Summary of VCL Video Tutorials this week (37/2019)
  1. Barton Stano says:

    What are the exact URL addresses of the above YouTube videos?

  2. Gary Mugford says:


    Given my subscription to the YouTube channel, I was able to see each of these on Sunday, the day I reserve for going Tubing. I thought each was well-done and informative (the charting one was particularly of interest). I would VERY MUCH like to see more VCL tutorials. Little tips and tricks, similar to DevExpress’ CodeRush series of tips, would be great. We are not all ‘super’ programmers and a series like those above would generate smiles on most faces. (Alastair Christie would also serve as a template).

    TMS has reached such a component volume that every little bit helps. I appreciate the newsletters with their tips, but their rate seems to have slipped a bit. And there’s the issue of the newer tech (FMX especially) overtaking the ‘old’ VCL products. That’s where the NEW sales are, so no condemnation. But when a library house remembers we old dogs, it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings.

    THANKS for taking the time (and we all know the few minutes of video was NOT the totality of that time). GM