Example Data of my videos
Global connection futuristic technology concept based matrix coding background with binary digits and shiny globe.

Example Data of my videos

In recent weeks, I have published a lot of videos that use database tables with real data. I received some feedback and here’s a collection of the most common questions:

Why do you use the name ‘leecounty’ for the database?

The data in the databases has been provided by Lee County, FL as part of the Open Data portal. The data is available for download. The database ‘leecounty’ consists of two tables: POI and SCHOOLS. Both tables can be downloaded as text files.

Can you provide a download link for the database?

No, I am legally not allowed to redistribute the data. However, the data is available for free on the web. You just need to import the data from the text files into your favorite database.

Can you provide the download link for the data files?

Which database server do you use in your examples?

I use Microsoft SQL Server 2017 for all the examples.

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