Free Books to Learn more about Web Development
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Free Books to Learn more about Web Development

Web Development still feels “new” to a lot of Delphi developers as Delphi is known for desktop and database application development. Most developers also feel overwhelmed where to start.

I just noticed that Packt Publishing Limited offers several of their PDF books for free to get you started on a certain subject and Web Development is one of them. So, if you are thinking to look deeper into Web Frameworks and Delphi using TMS Web Core, the following books might prove to become an affordable, valuable resource. Offered for free are:

Thinking in HTML by Aravind Shenoy

Thinking in CSS by Aravind Shenoy

Thinking in JavaScript by Aravind Shenoy

Practical Web Development by Paul Wellens

AngularJS Essentials by Rodrigo Branas

What You Need to Know about NodeJS by Bruno Joseph Dmello

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3 comments on “Free Books to Learn more about Web Development
  1. Jason says:

    Have you reviewed them at all, I.e are they a good resource or just a free resource? Thanks for the heads up

    • Holger Flick says:

      I have not done a technical review of any of the books. Packt delivers quality books to a lot of subjects, so I doubt these books will disappoint. Furthermore, they will at least deliver a good introduction to any topic, so you can learn the terminology and will be able to dive deeper into different subjects.

  2. Holger Flick says:

    Some users have problems downloading the free books. Create an account on their website (free), claim the book(s) and they will appear in your owned products list. Then, you can download them in any format you wish.